A frequently asked question is at which places and at what intervals the ramps should be placed. There is no legal regulation for this!

Imagine being a hedgehog that has fallen into the water … how far do you want to swim to find a ladder? About 50 meters is the width of a football field. Fauna Support advises this distance to their customers.

The wildlife escape ramps will be placed at locations where they will most likely intercept the animal’s line of travel. However, the situation is always assessed on site and in consultation with the client.
Below are two examples of ditches where the wildlife escape ramps are optimally placed.

As you can see a wildlife escape ramp is always placed in the short end/front end. All animals searching for an escape route end up here. You will also see that the 50 meters is an “approximate distance”. This varies per location, and is of course decided upon in consultation with the customer. You can also see that inner bends can be omitted. We always place escape ramps on both sides of a watercourse. Animals do not have the logic to find the shortest crossing.